Nancy Pelosi Gives Eric Holder $300,000 To Gerrymander Districts To Favor Democrats


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) once took a stand against the gerrymandering of congressional districts. Now, the California Democrat is quietly funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to a group seeking to do just that.

The group to which Pelosi is funneling her PAC money to in order to maintain control of Congress is run by Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder. Pelosi’s personal political action committee, PAC to the Future, gave $300,000 to Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee last fall.

But Pelosi wasn’t always so supportive of groups that sought to politically configure congressional districts to their advantage. In 2019, Pelosi insisted partisan gerrymandering compromised “the integrity of our democracy.”

“This year, the Democratic Majority passed HR1, the For The People Act, which works to end to partisan gerrymandering by requiring all states to establish independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions to draw open and transparent statewide district maps after each Census,” Pelosi said. “We will continue to fight partisan gerrymandering, ensure every citizen’s vote counts and oppose any attempt to compromise the integrity of our democracy.”

Holder’s group is preparing a full-on assault for a once-a-decade redistricting effort that will decide, based on population, the apportionment of the US House of Representatives.

The former-Attorney General’s group has a mission statement that defines its purpose as a data and legal hub. It will also serve as a go-between for the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and the many state legislatures.

Holder’s group also received a six-figure donation from George Soros’s Democracy PAC, an organization primarily funded by the billionaire’s nonprofit network.

A number of Progressive-agenda supporting union PACs, including the SEIU, the Transport Workers Union, and the AFT, have also poured cash into Holder’s group.

Speaker Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi – who has had his own share of financial ethics issued, oversees the finances for her PAC.

In January, Paul Pelosi made a $1 million Tesla stock buy just before it was announced that the Biden administration was taking the federal car fleet electric, which sparked the interest of ethics watchdogs over the timing of Pelosi’s stock purchase.

Pelosi’s PAC is the only organization linked to a politician that has channeled money to Holder’s group over the past two years, and promises to be a driving force – at least financially – for Left-wing gerrymandering efforts, the exact actions Pelosi once openly opposed.