National File Announces Legal Defense Fund to Fight Back Against Mark Kelly And Hillary Clinton’s Lawyers


U.S. Senator Mark Kelly launched a lawsuit against National File, with the help of Hillary Clinton’s favorite lawyer, to stop our truthful reporting.

The top Democrat lawyers in the country are already engaged in every legal tactic possible to stop National File’s groundbreaking reporting on both Democrat corruption and Republican spinelessness. As happens so often to conservative media, the Democrats want to use the court system to intimidate National File into silence.

They are doing this, we believe, to keep us from reporting about perennial gun grabber Mark Kelly, and the insanity he’s sure to unleash with the help of Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer.

Covfefe Coffee

With your help, we will never be silenced.

We are one of the few independent media outlets in existence. We have no investors with deep pockets, nor do we have members of the Republican Party establishment sticking their neck out to help us.

As it has been since our first day, our best friends and allies are our readers, who have helped this publication explode since we began in August of 2019.

Since National File began, less than two years ago, we exposed:

• Nancy Pelosi and Family’s Ukraine Corruption Scandal,
• Ashley Biden’s diary – where she said she had “probably not appropriate” showers with Joe as a child,
• Democrat Senate candidate Cal Cunningham’s possibly illegal affair with the wife of a U.S. Veteran, and,
• The clear and credible evidence of widespread voter fraud that plagued the 2020 election.

With your help, we will continue to expose corrupt Democrats and the Republicans who enable them.

I don’t like making this ask. I was raised in Kansas to have Christian, Midwest values. We believe in God, self reliance, rugged individualism, and the American Dream.

But without your help, Hillary Clinton’s go-to law firm will do everything in their power to shut us down.

We have already retained some of the best lawyers available, and now need your help to craft a bulletproof legal defense that protects the First Amendment.

If you are able, please donate to National File’s legal defense fund.

If you would prefer to donate directly to National File, we have an alternate portal available.