National Guard Soldier Dies While Stationed At U.S. Capitol As Many Are Poisoned With Under Cooked Food, Metal Shavings


A National Guard soldier died due to an “unspecified medical emergency” while guarding the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC amid reports of soldiers being hospitalized after being fed raw, undercooked food with metal shavings. The soldier was off duty at the time.

“Joint Task Force District of Columbia is sad to confirm the death of a National Guard member serving with the U.S. Capitol security mission due to an apparent medical emergency,” said the Joint Information Center spokesperson, Lt. Col. Robert Carver. “The individual was not on duty at the time, and the incident is under investigation.”

The soldier, who is still unidentified, was reportedly found dead in the JW Marriott. Carver would not release information about the soldier or details about the death until the family is notified.

On March 3, National File reported that multiple National Guard soldiers had been hospitalized after repeatedly being fed raw, undercooked food with metal shavings as they guard the Capitol in DC.

A whistleblower revealed to 7 Action News that National Guard troops in DC were being served raw, undercooked meals for several weeks, causing many of them to get sick and be sent to the hospital. On Sunday, almost 75 meals were subsequently thrown away after they were found to have contained pieces of metal inside.

“Yesterday, for instance, there were 74 different meals found with raw beef in them,” said an anonymous Michigan National Guard staff sergeant. “Just yesterday, the lunches were, soldiers had found metal shavings in their food.”

Our nation’s capitol remains occupied by the military and it will continue to be until the fall. We have since seen homeless camps emerge just a few feet away from the occupied area, with homeless people doing drugs out in the open, as National File reported. 

“Right across the street 15 feet away is a massive homeless camp with people doing drugs out in the open,” wrote Hookstead. “Our tax dollars at work. Citizens kept away from the Capitol using military force as homeless people overrun the neighborhoods doing drugs.”