Nationally-Syndicated Broadcaster Stew Peters EXPLODES in Nuclear Black Crime Epidemic Rant


Last Updated on September 11, 2022

Nationally-syndicated TV and radio broadcaster, Stew Peters went nuclear as he blew the whistle on America’s black murder and violent crime epidemic, calling out the psychopathic leftists and uni-party appeasers who have fanned the flames of carnage in the process. Peters’ epic takedown of race-worshipping leftists and their criminal pals came in the wake of the Memphis massacre and the brutal rape and murder of jogger Eliza Fletcher. Both crimes were committed by black Memphis felons who were sprung from jail by left-wing policies and allowed to roam the streets with impunity.

Stew Peters took no prisoners as he lambasted the daily carnage on American streets under Democrat rule, laying the blame squarely on the left’s anti-white, race-obsessed “social justice” policies that have left thousands of dead Americans in their wake. Both the Memphis massacre and the brutal rape and murder of wife, mother, and teacher Eliza Fletcher are part and parcel of the left’s race-obsessed pro-crime policies and the anti-white blood libel they’ve pushed for decades, Peters explained.

Fletcher’s murderer, black Memphis criminal Cleotha Abston, as well as the Memphis massacre assailant, black mass shooter Ezekiel Kelley, are both career violent criminals and both were given reduced sentences under left-wing anti-justice policies. Had they been adequately punished for their previous crimes, all of their recent victims would still be alive today.

“Some people are simply like wild dogs,” Peters said, ripping cowardly politicians in both parties for allowing and even encouraging the explosion in American crime rates. “You aren’t going to fix them. They are simply a cancer on society and a threat to everyone around them unless they’re put down,” Peters said. “But instead of putting down the wild dog, we let him loose to kill! We do it all the time in this country.”

But, as Stew Peters explained to his audience, violent crime isn’t coming from all communities equally. In fact, though black Americans comprise just 1/8th of the nation’s population, they commit more violent crimes than all other racial groups combined, killing more Americans on a yearly basis than the number who died in the entire 20-year War on Terror – but anyone who speaks up is booted from the public square and derided as a “racist.”

“Eliza Fletcher and all of Ezekial Kelly’s innocent victims are human sacrifices to America’s cult of race,” Peters said, explaining the anti-white blood libel that those in power have pushed against America’s founding demographic.

“This cult tells you that racism is the root of America’s problems and that, therefore, white people are collectively to blame for America’s problems. This cult says that the fix for this is to tear down white people and worship blacks to atone for our historical sins.”

“Here’s the real story,” Peters went on, before giving his audience a true reality check.

“The majority of murders – in the fact the majority of all violent crimes in this country – are committed by blacks. They’re just 1/8th of the country, but they commit more murders and more assaults, and more robberies than the entire rest of the country put together. That’s not explained by poverty. There are more poor Hispanics and whites than there are poor blacks. But they don’t commit as many assaults, or rapes, or murders.”

“So what is causing it?” Peters pondered.

“Some of it’s probably cultural. Some of it’s probably genetic. The people who say that’s impossible or racist are lying to you. They are cowards, too spineless to see what’s right in front of their face. And thanks to their cowardice, everyone in this country, including law-abiding blacks, has to live in terror of insane criminals.”

But rather than fix the problem, or acknowledge the reality that black criminals have made America’s cities unlivable, Peters says, “our political ruling elites would rather let thousands of people die and let our cities become burned-out disasters than admit that black people are more likely to commit crimes than whites.”

Then, saying the quiet part out loud, Peters let his audience in on a poorly-kept secret of the anti-gun totalitarian left. They don’t want to confiscate American guns to keep the streets safe. Quite the opposite. They want to confiscate guns to give criminals control, and put law-abiding citizens, namely, white law-abiding citizens, in immediate danger.

“Democrats like gun control because it goes after law-abiding white gun owners and they hate stop and frisk because it reveals the truth that most gun murders are committed by black men. Rather than admit that truth, they prefer letting hundreds or even thousands of people unnecessarily die. So that’s what’s been happening non-stop, for years now.”

Watch the entire segment of The Stew Peters Show below:

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