NBC Employee Calls Conservative Journalist ‘Knuckle-Dragging Guinea Wop’ in Racist Tirade


A News Researcher for NBC Universal’s Media Desk launched a racist tirade against conservative journalist and former Congressional candidate Pete D’Abrosca, hurling insults aimed at Italian Americans.

Eric Vitale, who claims to work for NBC Universal’s Media Desk on his LinkedIn account, launched the racist tirade against D’Abrosca on January 11.

“Only in the USA can a knuckle-dragging guinea WOP be one of the loudest voices for white supremacy,” wrote Vitale. “Ever hear of eugenics? Or the Immigration Act of 1924 you sub-moronic Dago f*ck-mook?”

Vitale appears to have deleted the tweet after it began to gain attention.

On his LinkedIn, Vitale claims to be a “News Researcher/Media Desk Associate,” a position he has held since 2015.

Prior to and while working for the NBC Universal Media Desk, Vitale claims that he “Mentored high school students” for the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.

According to his LinkedIn, Vitale stopped mentoring high school students in December of 2019.

It can be inferred from Vitale’s Twitter that he is a strident opponent of President Donald Trump, and has retweeted several prominent accounts critical of the president.

Vitale was also photographed with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic presidential candidate frequently derided as “Pocahontas” by President Trump, in September of last year.

Vitale has also frequently retweeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats.

In a statement to National File, D’Abrosca said that “Mr. Vitale’s brutally racist and deeply problematic comments about the Italian people – who have such a rich and vibrant history and culture – are concerning to me as someone who stands against racism in all forms.”

“If I were NBC, I’d fire him on the spot. There’s no place in a decent society for a man who speaks in such a manner, and anything less would suggest that a once-respected cable news network is willing to harbor bigotry within its ranks,” D’Abrosca continued.

National File contacted the NBC Universal Media Desk for comment, as well as several producers and journalists working at NBC Universal, and did not receive an immediate response.