Nevada Woman Who Drank Fish Tank Cleaner Tried to Divorce Husband, Suffers From Mental Illness


Important information has come to light since the unfortunate death of a Nevada man who drank fish tank cleaner believing it would help keep him from contracting coronavirus.

An anonymous lawyer who has amassed a large following on Twitter under the handle @Techno_Fog has acquired court documents that detail a history of mental illness and marital issues between the Nevada couple.

The widow reportedly has a long history of mental illness. These diagnoses which have been documented by a doctor include paranoia, depression, anxiety, and anger issues, as well as alcoholism.

In the document, she denied the allegation of alcoholism, while saying she needed a drink.

From the screen shots provided, she did not suffering from depression, anxiety, or anger.

At the time of her husband’s death, the widow told NBC that she recognized that chloroquine phosphate was an ingredient in her fish tank cleaner and thought, “Hey, isn’t that the stuff they’re talking about on TV?”

After President Donald Trump’s March 19 press conference the president was blamed for the death of the Arizona man who, along with his wife, drank fish tank cleaner with a similar name to the anti-malaria drug the president announced could be a ‘game changer.’

Mainstream media outlets immediately took the opportunity to attack him for being responsible for the man who passed away.

ABC, Time Magazine, Axios, Business Insider, CNN, CBS News, the Daily Beast, Vanity Fair, Forbes, NPR, Slate, Salon, The New York Times, Huffington Post, The Guardian, USA Today, The Hill, Sky News, and CBC News all shared various reports implicating that the Arizona man died because of Trump’s announcement.

Several democratic governors had even restricted personal access to the anti-malaria drug or even had it outright banned for a period due to media misreporting chloroquine phosphate as chloroquine, which has been having some success with coronavirus patients.

According to @Techno_Fog, while it is likely the couple was worried about their high-risk due to underlying illnesses and advanced age, the wife had such an extensive medical history apart from her mental illnesses and would have had a more intimate familiarity with medication.

Due to these factors @Techno_Fog explains that it seems unlikely that she would consider mixing fish cleaner with soda before at least consulting one of the many doctors she likely sees on a regular basis.


As the widow likely had at least a cursory knowledge of medicine, suffered from mental illness, had financial difficulties, and previously attempted to divorce her husband, there are those calling for more investigation into his death.