NEW FOOTAGE: BLM Activist Brandished Knife, Said ‘I Will Kill You’ Before Being KO’d


On Saturday, photographs circulated of a female Black Lives Matter matter protester lying unconscious in the street in Washington, D.C. following the Million MAGA March. While video and eyewitness reports from the scene confirmed that the woman was holding a knife, the exact sequence of events leading up to the knockout was unknown until Sunday, when footage of the full altercation surfaced.

In the video, a black woman wearing a “Black Lives Matter” flag can be seen attempting to drive a motorcycle through a small group of Trump supporters.

The protester with the knife can be seen in the background. She is wearing a motorcycle helmet, brandishing a reportedly  stolen American flag staff, and refers to the female on the motorcycle as her wife. Multiple instances of flags stolen from rally attendees being wielded as weapons by Black Lives Matter and Antifa were recorded on Saturday.

Holding the knife blade-down in a stabbing posture, the agitator then charges several of the Trump supporters and raises the weapon as if to strike.

“Put that s**t away,” someone says, to which the armed agitator screams in response, “Don’t touch my wife or I will kill you.”

A man then steps in to and snatches the stolen flag from the agitator, and she momentarily drops the knife in the scuffle. After losing the flag pole, the agitator picks up the knife and moves towards the crowd, but a man wearing a Proud Boys shirt strikes her in the face with a helmet, knocking her unconscious.

As National File reported Saturday, onlookers then stepped in to remove the deadly weapon from the rioter’s clutches and hand it over to the authorities:

One BLM rioter wielding a knife was knocked unconscious for her trouble, and had to be assisted by the police.

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Several left-wing Twitter pundits and BLM/Antifa activists attempted to claim the woman was simply protecting herself from racist “Poor Boys” – as Joe Biden calls them – but the footage released Sunday confirms eyewitness reports that the woman was charging bystanders with a knife while screaming murderous threats.

Conservative activists have also noted that unlike instances of Antifa and BLM surprise attacks on Trump supporters, the Proud Boys did not step in to kick the woman and inflict additional damage once the threat had been neutralized.