New Game ‘Cuckold Simulator’ Allows Players To Experience Life As A Biden Supporter


CUCKOLD SIMULATOR: Life as a Beta Male Cuck allows players to play as Cuckold, a Biden supporting man who raises his wife’s children, works hard in a Wagie Cage for a faceless mega corporation, GloboCorp, and collects “‘Funky Pop’ collectibles that are hidden across the world.”

The game allows players to experience the life of the protagonist, Cuckold, “that is his name” according to the developer, “in his day to day life.” Though the game is currently in early access, it allows players to “Work your job at GloboCorp to make money,” “give all your hard-earned money to the bull,” and “Browse your favorite websites, such as Reddit.”

Covfefe Coffee

Cuckold Simulator’s launch trailer reveals the protagonist to be a middle age bespectacled man who wears a fedora and a button down shirt, untucked. After arriving home from work, Cuckold must apparently chase his wife’s children around the neighborhood as they flee his love. Unfortunately, when Cuckold once again arrives back at home, he finds his wife with another man, and exclaims, “What are you doing?! How could you do this… without me here? You know how much I love watching.”

The launch trailer also reveals that Cuckold is an ardent supporter of President Joe Biden, as evidenced by a Biden/Harris: Restore the Soul of America bumper sticker on the back of his vehicle, just to the right of his vanity plate, a California plate that naturally reads, “CUCKOLD”.

Though the game’s early access just launched today, Steam shows it already has “Positive” reviews from 19 players. “Played this while my wife and her boyfriend went on a date, I cannot believe how accurate this representation of my lifestyle is,” wrote one player in his Steam review. “I rate this game OVER 9000 (hahaha get it Reddit XD?)”

“Simple and funny game about the life of an average redditor,” wrote another. “Probably the best American simulator out there,” another reviewer remarked. “This game simply sums up the entire 2020,” wrote a fourth. At time of publication, the game has zero negative reviews. Still, some reviewers couched their positive reviews with less enthusiasm. “My wife’s bull locked me in a cagie wagie and won’t let me out until this game comes out of early access,” wrote one player.

Explaining why the developer chose to make it available for early access, they wrote, “Players can submit their ideas for game content, and if enough people like it, it will be added to the game. This is only possible with early access. This will be a a ‘community developed’ game of sorts,” and added that “Participation of the community is very important, and a big reason why we decided on early access. All suggestions are welcome, and will be added to the game if we like them.”