New January 6 Footage Appears To Show Capitol Police Officer Aiming Rifle At Crowd


In new January 6 footage, a man dressed in tactical gear and a gas mask can be seen aiming a rifle at the crowd. The new angle was filmed by Jason Funes, who recently released the footage via his YouTube channel. It is unknown whether the supposed officer was a member the Capitol Police or another law enforcement agency.

The new video was filmed just outside one of the main entrances to the Capitol building. A group of 5-10 individuals can be seen pounding on the door with bats, some equipped with riot shields. Almost all of these individuals were wearing helmets and other tactical gear. The rest of the crowd can be seen standing idly by, simply protesting.

Around the 1:58 mark in the new angle, a man can be seen pointing a rifle at the crowd. The presumed police officer was dressed in full tactical gear and was wearing a gas mask. He can be seen outside the building aiming his rifle at the crowd for about 8 seconds before retreating back inside. It is unknown whether the gun was armed with live ammunition or rubber bullets, though rubber bullet guns tend to have wide barrels.

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National File recently reported on another angle of the assault on the Capitol doors in which Proud Boy impersonator David Dempsey appears to be seen attacking officers. In that video, a Trump supporter can be seen grabbing a pole that was just used by one of the men in tactical gear to attack officers. One man, allegedly Dempsey, can be seen kicking the man who was seemingly attempting to de-escalate the violence in the face.

Dempsey was rejected by the Proud Boys due to a history of violence. In October 2019, Dempsey was arrested for spraying protesters with bear repellent at a political rally in Santa Monica, California. He was subsequently charged with the prohibited use of a tear gas weapon, assault with a caustic chemical, accused of violating parole stemming from prior convictions, and held without bail pending a court appearance.

Despite facing years in prison, Dempsey was given a suspended sentence for the bear mace attack. There is no record of Dempsey having been arrested over any actions on January 6, which would strongly indicate that he is a police informant if the man in the video is indeed him.

Funes’ video also shows Capitol Police officers who can be seen standing around, not engaging with or being engaged by the crowd. National File reported on another new January 6 angle in which Capitol Police officers can be seen deploying tear gas despite not being engaged by the crowd. Another video shows Capitol Police officers throwing an exploding flashbang grenade at an idle crowd.