NFL All-Pro Doxes Teenager for Saying ‘N***a’


Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Alvin Kamara — an All-Pro running back for the New Orleans Saints and multimillionaire — doxed a high school student for messaging him saying, “good game n***a.” Kamara responded by naming the teen’s high school to his millions of followers even though the teen, who seemed to be giving the running back a compliment, apologized multiple times.

“If I snapshot this and send it to your coach… what happens,” Kamara replied. “My bad I didn’t think you actually received these I am a huge fan and have had you in fantasy every year,” the teen responded.

The multi-millionaire then said that he might have to broadcast the teen’s message to his millions of followers. “My bad brother I’m a huge fan I love watching you play I have liked you since you went to Bama that one time,” wrote the teen.

“I don’t care… do you use that word at school?” Kamara shot back. The teen then apologized for a third time and praised Kamara once again, only for the multi-millionaire to broadcast the teen’s high school to his millions of Twitter and Instagram followers. “When social media goes wrong,” Kamara wrote followed by the teen’s personal information.

The school later had to lock down their social media accounts in response to a tidal wave of abuse. Seemingly oblivious to the depths of Kamara’s fragility, the teen continued to heap praise upon Kamara and asked him to delete the Instagram story.

The NFL player then again posted the teen’s personal information, writing “Finish off with desert” followed by more personal information.

At that point the teen asked Kamara to delete the post since he was getting harassed, at which point the pro bowler replied, “no.”

A single tweet detailing the exchange captioned “Alvin Kamara is a legend for this” has garnered close to 200,000 likes on Twitter.

Over the summer, Alvin Kamara brutally beat a man in Las Vegas and has yet to receive a suspension. He is currently facing charges of felony battery.

He is also facing a lawsuit after allegedly beating the man unconscious.

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