NO PAPERS, PLEASE: Pro-Trump Republicans Slam Biden’s Vaccine Passport Scheme


A number of elected Republicans, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Paul Gosar, are taking a stand against plans for vaccine passports.

As National File reported, the Biden administration is now developing a plan for COVID vaccine passports, which Americans may need to present to prove they have received their vaccine “before they will be allowed to engage in commerce in a ‘return to normalcy’ that looks nothing like the past”:

According to The Washington Post, the Biden regime “and private companies are working to develop a standard way of handling credentials — often referred to as ‘vaccine passports’ — that would allow Americans to prove they have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus as businesses try to reopen. They note that many businesses, “from cruise lines to sports teams,” will require individuals to take the COVID-19 vaccine before they are offered business. The Biden regime, apparently, views this as a positive development. “The passports are expected to be free and available through applications for smartphones,” the Post reported. “Which could display a scannable code similar to an airline boarding pass. Americans without smartphone access should be able to print out the passports, developers have said.”

However, many America First populist Republicans are taking a stand against the vaccine passport plans. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Monday that he would be taking executive action against them. “You want the fox to guard the hen house? I mean, give me a break,” DeSantis said. “I think this is something that has huge privacy implications, it is not necessary to do.”

DeSantis said that while it’s “important” for vulnerable populations to be able to take the vaccine, “we are not going to have you provide proof of this just to be able to live your life normally, and I’m going to be taking some action, in an executive function, emergency function right here very shortly.”

Fellow Florida politician Anthony Sabatini, a current state representative and now 2022 congressional candidate, tweeted that vaccine passports are something that would be seen in Nazi Germany, not America in the present day. “I am a HELL NO on vaccine passports,” Sabatini said, adding that he is “doing everything in my power” to ban them.

Arizona Republicans are also fighting back against the plans. Representative Paul Gosar, said we are now living in “clown country,” given that mandatory vaccine passports will be passed way before voter ID laws would be.

Current Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, set to be running for the state’s Secretary of State in 2022, spoke exclusively to National File on vaccine passports, noting that the left previously love to parrot the phrase “my body my choice” on the topic of abortion, but now seem to be rather silent when it comes to this issue.

“The government and taxpayer subsidized private carriers cannot arbitrarily mandate an experimental vaccine be required for all travelers. This is creepy on so many levels one cannot fully comprehend what the ‘scientists’ are up to,” Finchem told National File. “They – the feds – lied to us about the source, they lied to us about the transmission, they’ve lied to us about effective disease management policy, and now they are importing potentially diseased individuals by air and bus without quarantine, without vaccination, and without proper distancing.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, also known as MTG, the firebrand Congresswoman from Georgia, compared the vaccine passport plans to being akin to “Biden’s Mark of the Beast,” calling the plans “really disturbing.” MTG noted that any push from private companies to push the passports onto Americans by mandating their use by proxy is what she likes to call “corporate communism.”

U.S. Representatives Jim Jordan and Ronny Jackson also tweeted their condemnation of Biden’s vaccine passports program. “We must say NO to any mandated ‘vaccine passport,’” Jackson said, claiming the move was not about stopping the spread of the virus, but about “CONTROL and restricting our RIGHTS.”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem wrapped her protest against the plans up in a wider rejection of ideas thrown around by supporters of the Biden administration, including a mileage tax, higher business tax, and plans to crack down on the gun rights of ordinary Americans.