North Carolina Pride Parade Cancelled Due To Pandemic


Alternative Resources of the Triad (ART), the nonprofit that funds the new Greensboro Pride Parade in North Carolina, has announced that it will be cancelling this year’s event.

Yes! Weekly reports that the pride parade, along with the annual Greensboro pride festival, will not take place.

“This was a disappointing decision for the Greensboro Pride team,” said Paul Marshall, an ART leader. “We know the decision is in the best interest of the community and our organization, but we were looking forward to our first Greensboro Pride Parade and celebrating our 15th annual festival.”

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The ART board voted to cancel the festivities on April 29, and is offering businesses sponsoring the event the choice of either a refund or a secured slot at next year’s parade. The parade was initially set to take place on June 27.

This cancellation follows the cancellation of the San Francisco and New York City pride parades – two of the largest in the nation.

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San Francisco Pride has since joined hands with a number of Pride organizations internationally to promote a “Virtual Global Pride” event on June 27.

“Events will be about bringing together Pride organizations and the broader LGBTQIA community around the globe,” said Andrew Baker, the co-president of globalist homosexual organization Interpride. “Pride organizations have been invited to express interest in producing or providing content to the event, and it will be a mixture of both live speeches, dialogue, engagement pieces, performances by musicians, queer artists, and other entertainers.”

Pride parades typically celebrate debauchery, with half-naked men and women dancing suggestively and playing loud, sexually-charged music in the streets. Consequently, many parents in Greensboro, NC, and in other cities with cancelled pride parades across the nation are likely to breath a sigh of relief at this news.