North Carolina’s Mark Robinson To Black Americans: ‘You Are Owed Nothing’, Owe Civil Rights Heroes Instead


North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson unloaded on left-wing race hustlers in a passionate speech delivered over the weekend, telling the growing number of leftists demanding reparations for 19th-century slavery that “you are owed nothing,” and suggesting that instead, they take up working for a living.

Speaking at the state’s GOP convention, which also featured former President Donald J. Trump, Robinson slammed a Black Lives Matter-backed plan now supported by some mainline Democrats to issue financial reparations to the reported descendants of American slaves. “It is you who owe,” Robinson said of the 21st-century race hustlers seeking a payday over 19-century slavery.

“I remember I made this particular liberal so angry at me because I told ‘em right to their face, ‘Nobody owes you anything for slavery,’” Robinson said. “If you want to tell the truth about it, it is you who owes. It’s you who owe. Why do you owe? Because somebody in those fields took those strikes for you,” he continued. “There are people in their graves right now,” Robinson said. “And they are there because they were willing to stand up and fight for you!”

Robinson went on to call out ex-NFL quarterback and famed National Anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick by name, recounting the tale of 1960’s civil rights protestors who carried American flags as they marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on “Bloody Sunday.” Faced with brutal beatings from police ordered to the bridge by the Democrat political machine that ruled Alabama at the time, the demonstrators never let the flags lie on the ground, Robinson recounted.

“Those folks on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, carrying American flags – take that Colin Kaepernick! – living in a society that he could scarcely acknowledge, something he has never known, living with a bigotry that none of us could imagine, carried American flags on that bridge,” said Robinson.

“And when they were hit upside the head with nightsticks, and shot with water hoses and knocked to the ground, they got up and picked those flags up and kept marching. And they did it for you! Nobody owes you anything! If anybody owes it’s you! Because you’ve been the benefactor of freedom!”

“So what do you owe?” Robinson asked before explaining that the debt to America’s forebearers can only be repaid by continuing the great American tradition of self-reliance, self-determination, and hard work. “You owe it to them to get up off your tail and get to school. And when you get to school you owe it to them to get up off your tail at school and get to work and get some learning in your head. And once you get that schooling in your head and get out of that school you owe it to them to get to work. And when you get to work and you get married you owe it to them to take care of your children! And not let the government take care of your children!”

Watch Robinson’s speech below: