Norway: African Migrant Kicks Dog To Death During Robbery


A 10-year-old chihuahua was kicked to death during a robbery in Oslo, Norway.

The owner’s boyfriend was walking the dog when the attack happened.

As the robbery took place, the dog began yapping at the perpetrator who is thought to be an African migrant, described by Nettavisen as a dark-skinned male between the ages of 35-40.

The 10-year-old chihuahua suffered a broken skull and neck as it was kicked up into the air by the alleged robber who dealt another kick shortly afterwards.

According to Nettavisen:

Her (the owner’s) friend was walking the dog at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo on Tuesday morning, when he must have been robbed.

‘Then Leah had barked, then he had kicked her first once so she had flown away. Then he had gone and kicked her again,’ she says.

(The Park’s) Operations manager Christian Krohn Engeseth of the Oslo Police District says the robbery and attack on the dog has been reported by police on behalf of two offenders: the dog owner and the person walking the dog.

‘Obviously this is serious. Personality in itself is serious, and when you also kick a dog this way,’ Engeseth tells Nettavisen.

Police are now hunting for a possible perpetrator and want contact with witnesses. The incident happened between St. Hanshaugen and the bus stop in Collets gate. The police have the following description of the perpetrator.

  • Male 35 – 40 years

  • About 180 centimeters high

  • Dark in the skin

  • Must have little hair and beard

  • Possible brown wool sweater and dark denim

A tearful Facebook post went viral showing the distraught owner with her beloved chihuahua calling out for justice.

Voice of Europe reports:

“Leah yapped and he kicked her in the head so hard that she flew into the air. Then he went after her and kicked her again”, says the heart broken dog owner Rubi.

The dog later died of its injuries – a broken neck and a skull fracture, in an animal clinic. A taxi driver had then refused to let the dying animal into his car.

“Leah has never hurt anyone. She was so kind”, says Rubi to Nettavisen.

According to a Facebook post, a Somali man was later arrested.