Norway to Hand Out Qurans to ‘Fight Racism’


Norway’s Muslim Associations recently announced that they would be handing out 10,000 Norwegian copies of the Qu’ran to “fight racism and hate.”

The decision was reached on Thursday, after a right-wing group attempted to burn copies of the Qu’ran in Kristiansand–a migrant-populated town.

Several Islamic countries including Turkey, Iran, Pakistan strongly condemned the actions of the group.

According to Turkish outlet A News, it will be a planned collaboration involving the Islam Literature Association and The Minhaj-ul-Quran mosque, the Norwegian Muslim Arts and Culture Association reported.

“We want to respond to negative actions by spreading love and knowledge as taught by the Holy Qu’ran,” the Muslim Arts and Culture Association said in a statement.

It has been revealed that the copies of the texts will be distributed online.

Norway’s Justice and Immigration Minister, Joran Kallmyr, suggested that the burning of the Qu’ran is considered freedom of speech and advised the police not to ban or prosecute any burnings of the Qu’ran.

As Norway is outside of the EU, it enjoys greater freedom over deciding its immigration policy in the face of the recent migrant crises.

As opposed to her neighbor, Sweden; Norway is far more committed to protecting freedom of speech.

A Swedish man was recently fined for ‘hate speech’ after he responded to a threatening video from an Arab man ranting about taking over Sweden and calling Swedish women wh**es.

The original poster of the video didn’t receive any charges.

National File reports:

The 53-year-old man voiced his politically incorrect opinion on a Facebook group called ‘Political Facts’ where he wrote: “Disgusting Arab crabs disappear from here.”

The post the Sweden man was referring to was an angry rant posted by a migrant to Facebook, where the migrant said: “We Arabs are here to take over your f**king country so go down on your f**king knees and suck my c*ck your Swedish little whore.”

According to Summit News, the man was sentenced by Kristianstad’s district court for hate speech against a protected group and forced to pay SEK 22,200, approximately $2,300 USD.

Another man was slapped with a fine for Facebook posts he didn’t even make.

The man was an admin for a popular politically incorrect group.

He had refused to take down posts made by other users.

National File reports:

Peter Markström, an administrator for the group, “Stå Upp För Sverige” (Stand Up For Sweden), was fined for not removing eight posts deemed by a Swedish court to be ‘grossly offensive comments.’