NSA Whistleblower Binney Says There Was No Russian Hack, as Stone Prosecution Claims


Bill Binney, a 32 year National Security Agency expert, has made a sworn declaration that Wiki-leaks did not receive stolen data from the Russia government, intrinsic metadata shows that the data in questions was put on a thumb drive and physically taken from the DNC.

National File received a copy of the three page sworn declaration made by leading intelligence community expert Binney for Roger Stone, in which he makes a convincing case that neither Russia nor any other foreign country hacked the DNC emails during the 2016 Presidential election.

In the testimony, Binney, a 32-year National Security Agency expert, says that Wiki-leaks did not receive stolen data from the Russian government. Rather, intrinsic metadata shows that the data in questions was put on a thumb drive and physically taken from the DNC.

According to the declaration, Binney was a world leader in geopolitics having started his career as a “Russian specialist.”

The document is part of a legal defense of Stone, who is being accused and tried in Federal court of receiving and distributing stolen emails belonging to then-presidential candidate, Hillary R. Clinton, from Russian operatives to help assist then-candidate Donald J. Trump win the presidency.

Except Binney says the hack didn’t happen, that the emails were downloaded at the DNC, and it wasn’t a foreign body who did anything because the download times don’t match that sort of activity.

Binney wrote, “My duties [at the NSA] include working with foreign governments who receive signals intelligence collected by the NSA. These include the so-called Five Eyes.”

Binney wrote in the declaration that he worked on Russia for the NSA from 1974 to 1996. He quit the NSA in protest over unethical practices by other agents and government bureaucrats and has been speaking out against government overreach for years.

Curiously the Special Prosecutor for “Russian-Trump” Collusion, Robert Mueller, never called Binney to talk, and neither has anyone prosecuting Stone for colluding with Russians for imagined hacked emails.

According to the Government Accountability Project, “Concerned over national security, Binney blew the whistle on the mismanagement over Trailblazer, using internal channels to share their concerns with Congress and the Department of Defense Inspector General (DoD IG). Despite their efforts, no one was held accountable at NSA for one of the worst intelligence failures in history 9/11.  Little did they know at the time, Binney would face harsh retaliation from NSA for their efforts to make the truth known.”

Also in the transcript of interest is that Binney is the co-founder of Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center (SARC), which is where Binney developed a working prototype system for focus on metadata mining and link analysis was designed to help analysts pinpoint the truly important leads to follow while discarding irrelevant data, nicknamed Thinthread.

Thinthread was very successful in detecting the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and was quickly eliminated by bureaucrats in the US Government after Binney was stripped of his security clearances and marginalized by politicians as being irrelevant.

You can read Binney’s Declaration here.