Official Maryland Young Republicans Twitter Account Likes Tweet Comparing Trump To Dysentery


The official Maryland Young Republicans Twitter account went on an anti-Trump spree Wednesday, liking numerous tweets that were critical of the President.

The account liked a series of tweets that were made by Brian Griffiths, a liberal Republican activist who claims to be a conservative online and strongly supports Never Trump Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD).

One of the tweets liked by the Maryland Republicans claimed that the President was less popular in the state than dysentery, an inflammation of the intestinal tract characterized by blood being present in diarrhea.

“Trump’s less popular in Maryland than dysentery,” Griffiths wrote.

Another tweet liked by the Maryland Young Republicans accused Gavin Wax, the firmly pro-Trump chairman of the Alliance of Young Republican Clubs, of being an “asskisser for Trumpism”.

“[Gavin Wax] knows nothing about politics or policy other than being a asskisser for Trumpism,” Griffiths added.

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The Maryland Young Republicans then accused the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF) of pushing people away from the Young Republican organization by strongly supporting the President.

“I guess the YRNF brought him on to turn people off from the organization,” the Maryland Young Republicans claimed, despite their own conduct turning pro-Trump activists in Maryland away from the Young Republicans.

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Another RINO-dominated Young Republican state federation, the North Carolina Young Republicans, endorsed the Maryland group’s statements and subsequently accused Wax of dividing the party by defending the President from Gov. Hogan’s constant attacks.

“This is definitely what the GOP needed… fighting each other right before the election,” the North Carolina group wrote.

The Maryland Young Republicans and North Carolina Young Republicans are both official youth wings of the state parties in their respective states, and affiliates of the YRNF, the official youth wing of the national Republican Party.

The anti-Trump views of the North Carolina Young Republicans and Maryland Young Republicans are vastly out of step with Republican voters, 96% of whom support President Trump. Given the fact that North Carolina is a critical swing state that Trump won in 2016, the ongoing flirtation between the state’s Young Republican federation and the Never Trump movement is likely to be damaging for the party. Unlike Gov. Hogan, who will not on be on the ballot anywhere in November, the President will be on the ballot in all 50 states.