OMAR: White Men Commit “Overwhelming Majority” of Extremist Attacks


Speaking in Congress on Wednesday, Representative Ilhan Omar claimed that “white men” commit the “overwhelming majority” of terror attacks in the United States.

Rep Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota, told the House Foreign Affairs Subcommitte Hearing on white nationalist terror, that it is simply “a statement of fact that white men, driven by a hateful ideology of white nationalism, are committing the overwhelming majority of extremist attacks in this country”:

Far right terrorists were linked to every single extremist related murder in 2018, the most in any year since 1995, according to the ADL… According to the SPLC, 81 people were killed by people influenced by the “alt-right” since 2014… We are not doing enough to confront [white nationalism]… White nationalism must be considered terrorism…

The panel speaking to the subcommittee included a number of “expert witnesses,” which consisted of professor and left-wing activist Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Anti-Defamation League employee Sharon Navarian, and a man named Christian Picciolini who claims to have been a skinhead in the 1980s, who all agreed that free speech on the internet must be clamped down upon in order to curb potential white nationalism.

Navarian repeatedly jumped on 8chan, Gab and online gaming for allowing such ideas to propagate. As National File reported, she demanded that big tech platforms turn over their data on users to the government, and far-left organisations like the ADL, in the name of safety and tolerance.

Navarian agreed with Omar, and mentioned that over a period of 8 years, 175 deaths internationally were due to far-right terror.

Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina then questioned the panel as to if they had any idea as to the amount of people who were killed due to “religious zealots.” Neither Navarian nor Professor Miller-Idriss had “any idea” as to what the number was.

“Ultimately we want to deal with both, so both numbers should be important, shouldn’t they,” Walker asked, and proceeded to reveal the number of deaths was 84.000, a figure 480 times greater than the one they had for white nationalism.

You can watch some highlights from the stream below: