OnlyFans Cam Girl Says Demonizing Catcallling Is Racist Because ‘Mostly Black People Catcall’


An Only Fans camgirl, blogger, psychedelic enthusiast, and nihilist philosopher has made the claim that demonizing catcalling is racist because “mostly black people catcall.”

Catcalling has been a hot topic in social justice and feminist circles in recent years, as it was considered an antiquated and misogynistic practice that transgressed women. Vocal opposition to catcalling associated the practice with a so-called “rape culture” that was allegedly rife in Western culture.

Camgirl, blogger, and philosopher Aella Girl made the controversial claim in a tweet that read: “Maybe catcalling isn’t that bad? Maybe the demonizing of catcalling is actually racist, since most men who catcall are black.”

The tweet would pose an interesting quandary in certain circles: considering that catcalling is misogynistic, but demonizing catcalling is racist–which option would one choose?

Aella girl’s tweet received an unfavorable comment to like ratio as tweeters piled in with their opposing views.

“Girls [and] women of every race criticize their men for harassment like this, [and] rightfully so. Men need to be held accountable for their harmful, [and] often deadly, actions. This is a wildly illogical take: asking for a group of people to surrender [and] accept harm? [LOL] I don’t think so,” one person commented.

Aella then clarified her position with a tweet revealing her personal experience in response to a commenter’s tweet which argued against the prevalence of race in catcalling.

“I live in [San Francisco], where it’s 5.2% black, but I think nearly every single time I’ve been catcalled here has been by a black person,” she wrote.

A few days later, on the subject of race, Aella tweeted about the overuse of the term “racist.” Racism accusations commonly fly around for the smallest of “microaggressions” or phrases.

She wrote: “the word ‘racist’ is used so often for so many non-racist things it’s really losing all meaning for me. I bet in a few years they’ll have squeezed all the power out of it and will move onto a different term. What’s the plausible runner up?”

Last year, France fined over 700 people for catcalling, which was made illegal in 2018. Nottinghamshire Police in the UK was to begin counting catcalling as a form of hate crime from 2016.