OnlyFans Mom Posts Late Daughter’s Nudes to Keep ‘Memory Alive’


A sex worker mother drew negative criticism from social media by memorializing her late daughter by posting her nude images on Twitter.

The strange act prompted many accounts to tweet about the eulogy.

The original tweet showing the mother, Liza Martini, with her late daughter, Ava, who were pictured both topless, has now been deleted.

Commenters were quick to condemn the tweets.

One wrote: “Doesnt anyone here find this f***ed up?”

“You were entrusted with their wellbeing and all you can think of is how to profit off their bodies! Your children deserve better than you,” remarked another.

A screengrab of the tweet was captured in an expletive-laden post, with the women’s breasts cropped out.

Although the tweets containing the controversial image of her late daughter were deleted, the photos reportedly remained on Onlyfans.

In another tweet, Martini posted the following: “To keep her memory alive I’m working on uploading the entire collection of my daughter Ava Martini to my Onlyfans.”

“There will be modeling pics of her solo, topless selfie pics with her and I, and topless selfies with her and my other daughter, who is now retired, Alex.”

The tweet was captioned by anti-feminist YouTuber, Undoomed, who said: “Peak thot greed: whoring out your dead daughter.”

According to her Twitter bio, Martini is a “49 year old naturally busty 38DD married hotwife.”

Her pinned tweet explains how her husband condones and encourages her only presence.

She wrote: “Yes I’m married. Yes he knows I’m on Twitter. He is the one who got me into online web modeling.”

Following the backlash, Martini since issued a statement concerning the now-deleted tweets which sparked the firestorm.

For all of you a**holes that had a problem with me posting pictures of my late daughter I just want you to know I think you guys are the a**holes. My daughter is very beautiful and loved what she did. As a professional model she did lots of modeling before I ever came along doing what I do. She was very proud of her body and it was her idea for us to model together she wanted to pose with me to boost her own numbers. The only reason why she did that was to make extra money for her children. (children in which i care of now. ) These babies are one and three , she and I love these children very much and we do what we do to support these babies, this was our thing and we took pride in what we did it is not some “sick thing”, some”grooming thing”, or whatever word you all can came up with. My daughter was 27 years old she was well old enough to make a decision on what she did or did not want to do , she was not forced into doing anything!!!! The reason why pictures were posted after her death. 1–was because I had a lot of requests for her. 2–a lot of people moralized her and know how beautiful she was and wanted to remember her. that’s why her photos were reposted so why not celebrate someone so beautiful and as usual you sick bastard to take it wrong.