Opinion: Americans Worry About Trump’s Assassination And Violent War


Demands of impeachment are seen by many Americans as an escalation of tensions between the collective “Deep State” powers in the United States, who are office holders, Democrat Party officials, and leaders of the country’s highest intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The vicious politics and unending, unfounded and unjust accusations have caused many Americans to worry about where the aggression against freedom and liberty is heading.

President Donald J. Trump is leading a strong and viable American populist movement currently, who overwhelming do not want him impeached according to numerous media polls, however, the Democrats along with their media proponents have decided to fight with any means necessary, no matter how unlawful or unfair, to remove Trump from office.


The Democrats, including former Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, have refused to respect the will of the American people, who elected Trump, and are ignoring not only his administration’s policy victories, they are ignoring the positive effect Trump has had in the lives of Americans.

Tuesday, Senator Maxine Moore Waters, D-CA, posted an insane verbal attack against the president that had some people very concerned about the health of the Republic to recover from the chaos in DC.

With these over the top attacks, Democrats have shown that they care very little about the issues that Americans face, or in what Americans need from civil servants.  The Democrats are fabricating and manipulating stories to frame the president of the United States. There is no way both parties can recover from this impeachment battle.

Some Americans have moved from anger at the Democrats for obvious lies to frame the president, to outright fear over assassination attempts and even terrorism to unseat Trump and punish the American people for Clinton’s loss.

The assassination of John F Kennedy is still memorable to many Americans. “It is not a far stretch to see the connections between what President Kennedy stood for, and what President Trump stands for, and be concerned,” said Bill Roberts, a supporter of President Trump, who spoke with National File about his personal concerns.


Fresh in the minds of millions of Americans are the scars from violent attacks on the country in Sept. 11 attacks, and in school shootings, and other deadly attacks on American soil over the last 2 decades.

“Now that we have seen such attacks here, it is scary to think of chemical attacks and other types of warfare that Americans have such little experience with but other countries know,” Roberts said. “Now we should be thinking of what could happen, violence happens when there is no peaceful exchange of power.”

Even Trump is posting about the deep concerns of Americans over the Democrat’s impeachment scheme.  On Sunday, Trump tweeted out a quote, ” …If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” Pastor Robert Jeffress.

To which the Democrats rolled up their sleeves and dove in harder this week for impeachment than ever before.