Owners of Vandalized Seattle Businesses ‘Fully Support’ BLM While Begging for Police Protection


Several Seattle business owners are protesting planned budget cuts for the Seattle Police Department that would leave their storefronts vulnerable to vandalism and arson, while simultaneously voicing support for the Black Lives Matter protesters who have been attacking those dame businesses.

As local outlet KOMO News reported, several Seattle business owners are lamenting “the new norm” of street vandalism and the harassment of small businesses by left-wing street mobs.

Jamie Munson, who has had multiple stores vandalized during recent riots, said that employees at his stores now face a constant feeling “low tension that never goes away,” wondering what outburst of street violence will impact them next.

Despite this, Munson has proudly stated that “We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement and want to see change.”

Munson also said he seeks to be part of a solution that will simultaneously “keep the community safe and end racial inequality.”

Another man, Downtown Seattle Association President Jon Scholes, signed a letter along with 15 other business association leaders begging the city of Seattle to reconsider drastically slashing the Seattle Police Department budget.

Scholes’ opposition to the budget cuts stems from his belief they are “not going to result in more just policing for Black lives in our community,” something he believes is “desperately needed.”

The paradoxical statements offered by the business owners who expressed support for Black Lives Matter have received a fair portion of criticism on social media.

Liberal political commentator Tim Pool noted, “What a bootlicker is not: someone supporting police trying to end violent riots[.] What a bootlicker is: Businesses getting smashed up repeatedly by BLM rioters then saying ‘we support black lives matter.’”

In related, a female Swedish police officer knelt in solidarity with a group of Black Lives Matter protesters, even offering a raised “black power” fist and holding a sign that read “White Silence Is Violence.”