Palmetto State Armory Releases ‘Virginia-15’ AR Lower To Support Virginia Gun Owners


Amidst the looming threat of unconstitutional gun confiscation laws that may be passed by a Democrat-majority government, firearms manufacturer Palmetto State Armory unveiled a limited-edition AR-15 lower to support Virginia gun owners.

The lower is called the Virginia-15 and is currently available on the Palmetto State Armory website for $59.99. The fire selector positions are labeled SIC, SEMPER, and TYRANNIS.

The item is described in detail on the Palmetto State Armory website:

Paying homage to the Commonwealth of Virginia, Palmetto State Armory’s limited edition “Virginia-15” AR-15 lower commemorates our brothers and sisters in Virginia and across the United States civilly advocating for the fundamental rights of all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.  $10 from the sale of each of these receivers will be donated to the non-profit Virginia Citizens Defense League to support their efforts to defend the Second Amendment and constitutional rights.

Palmetto State Armory’s limited-edition “Virginia-15” lower will only be available once. The “Virginia-15” lower comes from the most advanced aerospace manufacturing technology and is one of the industry’s finest forged, MIL-SPEC lowers. This PSA  lower is made using our automated manufacturing process. Our multi-million dollar engineering and manufacturing facilities allow us to produce a product of unequaled quality and value.

These forged lowers are quality made, MIL-SPEC designed and use 7075-T6 Aluminum. The Palmetto State Armory “Virginia-15” Lower will accommodate all AR-15 platform builds and is marked “Virginia-15 MULTI”. The finish is MIL-A-8625, Type III, Class 2 black.

The Virginia-15 release comes amidst a grassroots campaign to pass “gun sanctuary” legislation in Virginia in a bid to stave off unconstitutional gun confiscation measures.

Last week a Virginia sheriff vowed to deputize and arm law-abiding gun owners if gun-grabbing policies are passed in the state legislature:

Before a backdrop of heated debate over the future of gun rights in Virginia, Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins has kicked things up a notch, threatening to deputize and arm thousands of local citizens in the event that Democrat-supported gun control and confiscation bills are rammed through the state legislature next month.

The strong words came Tuesday morning as the county’s board of supervisors voted unanimously to declare Culpeper a Second Amendment sanctuary, joining dozens of other Virginia localities in a truly grassroots effort that has been fondly referred to as a “Second Amendment tsunami.”

‘If the legislature decides to restrict certain weapons…I will swear in thousands of auxiliary deputies in Culpeper’, Jenkins told the board. ‘There’s no limit to the number of people I can swear in.’ Jenkins didn’t stop there. In a post to Facebook made shortly after the vote was held, Jenkins further clarified his point of view, promising to fight any and all unconstitutional gun laws in court, encouraging citizens to keep and carry arms, and doubling down on his promise to deputize local citizens if push comes to shove. ‘If passed, there are many of us willing to challenge these laws through the courts. In addition, if necessary, I plan to properly screen and deputize thousands of our law-abiding citizens to protect their constitutional right to own firearms.’

While addressing the board, Jenkins invoked the views of our nation’s founders, men who humbled themselves before their higher power and swore on their sacred honor to protect the rights of man.

More than 50 Virginia counties have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries as of this week.