Pamela Anderson Suggests The Entire World Should Vote in US Presidential Elections


Ex-Baywatch star and model, Pamela Anderson, has been in and out of the spotlight since peaking in the 90s.

Anderson took to Twitter to throw out a few political ideals–and even mantras–with an anti-Trump bent.

The celebrity faced some negative remarks in the comments at her unrealistic goal: to arrange a global election to decide the future US president.

Her justification for wanting to open the ballot to the world was because of America’s global impact.

Most commentators didn’t agree with Anderson’s sentiments.

Anderson had seemingly embarked upon a political philosophy reading binge, tweeting out several ideas relating to her worldviews.

Despite the incredulous responses to her tweet, this wasn’t the first time a high profile Twitter user has flirted with the idea of a global election to determine future US Presidents, citing a similar justification.

It goes without saying: attempting to organize a worldwide election would be a little challenging, to say the least–how will officials plan a functioning election in countries which cannot sustain an electoral process.

In the case of Nigeria, several people are killed at election time.

Besides, this would render the rest of the world in charge of America’s affairs, and, in essence, prove to be another step towards globalism.

Some ideas hinting at a radical global participation in American politics could simply qualify as a step up from mass immigration, championed by many prominent pundits, to bring about certain political ends.

And that’s what it’s all about: power.

A drastic increase in electoral participation would effectively end America’s ailing two-party system and confer almost unlimited power to the Democratic Party, giving them a significant majority ad infinitem.