Parents Lose Custody Of Child For Refusing Gender Transition


The parents of an unnamed girl have lost custody over their daughter after she wished to begin a course of hormones to transition into a boy.

The parents moved to an undisclosed European Union country from Finland when their daughter was thirteen.

Two years later, at fifteen-years-old, the daughter claimed to feel uncomfortable in her body as a girl and was demanding to begin a gender transition.

When parents denied her request to transition into a boy–a procedure which would require powerful hormones and cosmetic surgery–authorities moved in to remove the girl from her parents’ custody, according to YLE.

According to Breitbart, the mother told the outlet: “from having dressed very provocatively and feminine just a few months before, she had now started to use more masculine clothes just like the others in her new gang of friends.”

The mother went onto recall: “She said she wanted to start hormone therapy right away and later remove her breasts.”

The father chimed in, saying: “Obviously, it felt bad that one’s own daughter was doing this, but the worst thing was that the authorities agreed. We were naive and thought that the doctors and the authorities would see sense. It was a big mistake.”

When the girl’s parents denied her request to begin her transition, a criminal charge was filed against her parents.

After watching footage of their daughter following a six-month course of male hormones, the father said: “Without over-dramatising, you can say that when the voice, appearance, and personality change, it is as if they had killed our child.”

Following the transition, the parents say that they’ve all but lost contact with their daughter, who now lives as a man.