Parents Take To The Streets To Save Vaccine Exemptions From Political Elites


Parents’ rights protesters are taking it to the streets nationwide to agitate against the rash of new vaccine bills pushed by members of the political class including many Democrat lawmakers. These bills seek to eliminate existing religious exemptions and force all children who plan to go to school to get vaccinated. While New York governor Andrew Cuomo managed to ban the religious exemption in his state, a similar bill was struck down in the New Jersey legislature Monday as protesters chanted “Kill The Bill” outside the state Capitol in Trenton — marking an historic win for vaccine skeptics.

The vaccine issue ties directly into the Child Protective Services (CPS) crisis in America, by virtue of the fact that parents who continue to resist vaccines are now targeted for child removal by CPS agencies. New York’s Deer Park School District warned families after Cuomo abolished the religious exemption that CPS would be in their child’s future unless they submit to the government policy, according to a screenshot of a letter tweeted by @planetjen.

Parents are outraged. Here are some highlights from the growing parental rights movement popping up all over the United States, and some key moments of agitation that culminated with this week’s win at the New Jersey state Capitol — including a rally outside Governor Cuomo’s mansion.

In California, where Democrat governor Gavin Newsom signed laws in September making it easier to target doctors who give out vaccine exemptions (despite zero Republicans in the legislature voting for the measure), activist Sandra RN was detained by Murrieta police in her bid to serve public servants with a notice that they were violating her religious rights, according to this video posted December 18:

Andrew Cuomo has garnered special derision in New York, as evidenced by Francesca Amato’s spirited protest:

Patrick Howley interviewed Cookie, a woman who protested outside of Andrew Cuomo’s mansion in Albany, on the most recent episode of The Campaign Show on Patriots Soapbox:

Parents were not intimidated by the presence of establishment local media at the Cuomo mansion protest, the anti-establishment rallying cry of Twisted Sister driving their spirited activism: “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

The protests in Trenton, New Jersey were ultimately vindicated with legislative success:

The bill to ban the religious exemption in New Jersey failed in both chambers of the legislature.