Pastor Fired For Speaking Out About Same Sex Abuse In Church


The author of The New Normal: The Transgender Agenda, himself a formerly homosexual abuse survivor and a powerful minister was fired in November from his position with the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for speaking about reaching victims of same-sex abuse with the Gospel of Jesus.

Robert Lopez, a former professor with the seminary, told National File that the offense lies with the group’s association with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), who is interested in maintaining relationships with the leftist media like Huffington Post, and that is part of the reason why he was “pressured to cease from discussing sexuality and sex abuse.”

A quick Twitter search shows many positive posts about SBC by Huffington Post:

In a cached view of his previous employment page, Lopez is described as a cultural warrior of sorts, for Christianity and great teacher.

Lopez often shared his own testimony “I was preaching publicly that with the help of Jesus Christ people could overcome homosexuality, and I was discussing same-sex sex abuse,” Lopez said.

Lopez told National File that while he was a little worried about not having a job, he felt like he did the right thing while at the SBC.

“I feel good. I have been so publicly vindicated.  Few people have been given a chance to stand up for God and had a chance to be a warrior for God. I don’t go along with the new idea of the SBC. The SBC doesn’t belong to those people who fired me, it belongs to the people,” Lopez said.

“The SBC belongs to people who fill the rooms and have built the congregations and they are being lied to by this new leadership about me and that the leadership are going to defend the traditional Biblical values,” he said.

Lopez is a Hispanic supporter of President Donald J. Trump and conservative journalist.

“SBC Leadership wants to control Conservatives and also run to LGBTQ groups, it is politically motivated.  The leadership had told people not to vote for President Trump.  They just want to get into the left media and I was not playing that game,” Lopez said.

“Tapes came out which prove why I was fired and show the leadership lied.  In them, you can hear the provost question me over my stance to speak the unvarnished truth about homosexuality.

In an article published last week,  Lopez said he is being censored. But Lopez says that is not the only problem he had with the leadership.

“All of my trouble started around April 21 when I had entered a Resolution about the sex abuse crisis that I have been seeing unfold and that I have personal experience and recently where I was ministering to a group of people. I wrote that the SBC needs to have a strong stand on this crisis and that we needed to invalidate the 11the commandment, the one that we can’t criticize church leaders. On May 1, provost took me to lunch and told me to stand down.  Everything escalated from there.”

A big part of the problem is that there is sex abuse in the church and there is discomfort at talking about how they cover it up.

“They try to make it all male and female- which endeared them to the left.  They try to centralizing their investing mechanism by having a standing committee, which is more SBC investigating themselves and I disagreed.  They want to bury their own sex abuse, and it is rampant there, and there are sexually confused people seeking healing where abuse is rampant, but they don’t want to let me talk about that. They are forcing the LGBTQ agenda on us,” Lopez said.

The Seminary denies they fired Lopez over same-sex abuse issues.

A leading thought leader on the topic, a street evangelist for three decades, who disagrees with the SBC, Rev. Thomas Littleton wrote:

“He [Lopez]  has a powerful testimony of deliverance from homosexuality and from having been raised in a lesbian household in an  Ivy League,achievement-driven, family. He does not shy from the truth about his past or his conversion to faith in Jesus and has paid a price for standing up in secular academia for the Gospel.”

Lopez has other supporters: