Paul Singer Exposed as Vulture Capitalist Behind Social Justice in the Baptist Church


Paul Singer, a Vulture Capitalist and political activist, known for his massive wealth which he uses to combat liberty movements with numerous social justice campaigns, has gotten the attention this week of dedicated Christian activists who are fighting corruption in the Baptist Church.

Robert Lopez and Thomas Littleton, high-profile opponents of the Transgender agenda in the church, have uncovered Singer’s connection to the Baptist Church in numerous faith-based social justice groups.

Both have written columns to expose Singer’s ties to the general Marxist movement in America.

Littleton has uncovered ties between Singer and the problems in the Southern Baptist Church in his column, Russell Moore’s Friends at  “&campaign” Ally With Paul Singer & Revoice For LGBTQ Rights,  Lopez laid out a case to distrust Singer in, Paul Singer is the man behind the SBC?  

Littleton writes:

“The vision of LGBTQ rights was greatly advanced under the Obama administration so it should come as no surprise that the Obama Foundation’s Faith Ambassador’s organization is continuing the drive toward Full LGBTQ Protections from discrimination.  [The] & Campaign is the leading voice of the Democratic Party and Obama operatives into the evangelical community.”

Lopez writes:

“Singer has been famous for using his money to force conservative organizations–whether they are classed as Christian or Republican–to adopt a faux pro-gay right-wing position. The role of Paul Singer’s gay son cannot be discounted as a major motivating factor in Singer’s endless quest to flip every conservative constituency to a pro-gay position. There seems also to be a deeper ideological tendency, however.”

The infiltration of institutions to shift policy leftward is also known as “Cultural Marxism,” and it is the tactic most used by Chinese Communists and recommended by Karl Marx, to sow division, create chaos, and grab power from within to seize power.

Nearly every American institution has been infiltrated with players who appear to support the institution, but who  really means to reshape the institution.

The list of targets includes the GOP, Banking and Finance, Public Education, Churches, Hospitals, and countless public interest policy non-profits.

Many Americans oppose society’s shift toward “woke” everything, but many are also unaware of the source of the transformation.

Still others find themselves distracted with hot-potato tactics designed to keep members imbalanced and unable to defend their ideology, such as in the Transgender agenda that is taking over churches.

Many supposedly fiscally conservative and socially liberal conservatives say attempted grabs like Gillette’s are just good old “Capitalism”, or the pursuit of making money that drives captains of Woke Capitalism to trick people into supporting the communist movements in America.

Conservatives support capitalism, the rationale goes, so there should be no opposition to capitalists getting “woke.”

But if these companies were more interested in profits, certainly they wouldn’t pursue marketing campaigns that end with devastating shareholder losses.

The balance sheets aren’t quite so black and white in the Baptist Church and other denominations which have succumbed to the “woke” social justice movement en en vogue.

Enter Vulture Capitalism and bankers like Mitt Romney and Singer, both powerful  financial players.

Some on Twitter have connected the corporate trail of breadcrumbs in an effort to uncover how these Captains use their power and wealth to divert popular support for decentralized American liberty over to supporting the oppressive and centralized agenda of the left, as Littleton and Lopez point out.

Singer is in the Anti-Trump Movement:

He funds Republicans who shift the party leftward:

Singer supports and funds activism for Gay Marriage:

Fox News host, Tucker Carlson recently exposed Singer’s ties to depleted communities in America and explained Vulture Capitalism.

“Paul Singer has three billion dollars and has bought debt from countries in trouble when the countries would get back on their feet, Singer would bombard them with lawsuits and a massive PR Campaign, originating in Washington DC, until he made his money back with interest. That is called Vulture Capitalism. Feeding off the carcass of a dying nation,” Tucker said.


Lopez and Littleton made the case well that someone is gutting the Baptist Church and shifting it leftward in their columns with similar descriptions of Singer’sinterest in their church.

“Paul Singer is not Christian. His financial practices are roundly condemned even by progressive gays who hate being tied to vulture fund capitalism. He has distorted and sullied conservatism in virtually all imaginable quarters. And now, as Littleton shows, he is wound up in SBC politics. Do we want that?” Lopez said.