Pedophilia Facebook Groups Amasses 10K Members in 2 Days Before Removal


Facebook has garnered a reputation for a strange double standard in allowable content, with political memes being taken down, but the grizzliest crimes and sickening pornographic images remain.

Gruesome cartel murders, Brazilian gang executions, depraved animal abuse, and even sexually explicit materials involving minors have all stayed up for lengthy periods of time on the social media site before they are taken down.

Conversely, memes involving any depiction of the Third Reich’s iconography are almost always instantly taken down–even if it is derisive, satirical, or critical–resulting in a post-block or suspension of whoever posted the illicit content.

Now, a Facebook group where sexually suggestive images of clearly underage children was shared amassed nearly 10,000 members in almost two days before it was taken down after being mass-reported.

The group named “Free Kids Videos” was brought to the attention of social media users as screenshots by the group’s members seemingly lusting after pedophilic images were revealed.

Soon after the original post went viral, Facebook intervened and took the group down.

However, the fact that the group could attract nearly 5,000 a day is a cause for concern and perhaps indicates a wider issue with the site’s policing of illegal content.

The group’s administrators appeared to be based in Pakistan–something that National File previously reported on as a Pakistani-based child porn group reportedly didn’t go against “community standards.”

National File reported:

Dozens of Facebook users are outraged after learning that there is a Facebook page called “Chokragan” that appears to be based in Pakistan and has the descriptor “photos of beautiful boys” in the about section.

The page, which has over 700 likes, contains images of sexualized young boys and at least one video of explicit child-involved sexual activity. This author did not scroll down to see the full extent of the illegal content posted on the page.

The situation went viral when one Facebook user reported that not only was he told that “The video was reviewed, and it doesn’t go against one of our specific Community Standards,” but one of his own posts from years ago was removed by the Facebook algorithm.

Several Facebook users reported both groups resulting in their shutdown.

National File will continue to monitor stories in the same vein going forward.