Pelosi COVID-19 Stimulus Includes ‘Racial Pay Equity,’ Newspaper Bailouts, Mandated Early Voting, Corporate Board Diversity, Carbon Regulations


Several sharp-eyed social media users who had the fortitude to browse through the massive bill found bizarre provisions, including writer Rachel Bovard.

“Pelosi’s #COVID19 bill is 1,119 pages and contains provisions for “conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections” so yeah it’s really very focused on the crisis at hand,” Bovard said in a thread that compiled screenshots of various provisions in the bill.

After proposing a bailout for the postal service, the Democratic bill includes sections about paid studies of  “pay equity” between “racial and ethnic minorities” and their “white counterparts,” as well as a “comparison of pay between and women for similar roles and assignments.”

“Corporate board diversity” is another bizarre demand in the bill., which seeks  to collect “Corporate board data, including total number of board members, gender, race, and ethnic identity of board members.”

Provisions for early voting and same-day voter registration, which have been partisan talking points for the Democratic Party for decades, are also included in the bill.

Several of the most ludicrous proposals are located near the end, including demands that airlines “provide passengers with information regarding greenhouse gas emissions resulting from each individual flight.”

“You know what families who can’t work and are struggling to make rent really care about? Being able to look up greenhouse gas emissions from the flights they can’t afford to book,” Bovard said.

Finally, the proposal includes retirement security for journalists and bailout for local newspapers, many which already charge readers a substantial monthly fee to read articles.

Democrats in the Senate have already refused to pass a coronavirus aid package that would provide cash relief to working families and small businesses.