Pennsylvania House Dems, ADL Accuse Lenny Dykstra Of Antisemitism For Quote Tweeting Someone Named Rothschild


The Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee used their verified account to attack retired baseball star Lenny Dykstra on Friday. A verified Twitter user named David Rothschild accused Dykstra of antisemitism for quote tweeting him and calling him by his name. “This Rothschild guy really really has his patriotic fury out for the January 6 insurrectionists!!! #MuhInsurrection,” Dykstra wrote in a quote tweet.

“Apparently Lenny Dykstra has some thoughts on the Jews,” Rothschild wrote in a quote tweet on another callout from the three-time All Star. Dykstra did not mention anything about Jewish people, he simply quote tweeted a man named “Rothschild” who then turned around and accused him of anti-Semitism. “Dumbass, the Rothschild Family is not Jews in general. Neither is Soros, about whom I’m sure u have zero bad to say. But nice try at playing victim,” Dykstra fired back. The two then continued to go back and forth on Twitter.

PA Rep. Mike Schlossberg, a Democrat, then entered the fray. He too accused Dykstra of antisemitism for “invoking” The Rothschild family. “Hey Lenny, I’m Jewish, and when you invoke the Rothchild’s, you’re not even attempting to hide your antisemitism,” Schlossberg wrote in a tweet. Dykstra then told Schlossberg that he “sucks” and that he looked like a pedophile. “Gosh, you suck!!!! Also, you clearly look a pedo!” Dykstra fired back.

After that, the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee used their verified account to attack Dykstra. “The PA HDCC is the political arm of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus, tasked with protecting incumbents, growing the Caucus, training and recruiting,” the group states on their website. “No one messes with our members — especially not a cheating, gambling, steroid using, wash up like you,” wrote the HDCC in a tweet. Too many fastballs to the head — you continue to be an embarrassment to Major League Baseball and the Phillies organization. Back off, loser.”

The ADL’s Philadelphia chapter also accused Dykstra of antisemitism. “Lenny Dykstra’s tirade about the Rothschilds and his obsession with who is and is not Jewish is not only bizarre, it is antisemitism,” the ADL said. “Rothschild conspiracies play on classic antisemitic stereotypes of Jewish greed and secret power.”

Dykstra rejected the accusations. “This DemocRAT loudmouth sissy just threw out a false accusation of anti-Semitism at me because I called out a douchebag last named Rothschild who was cheerleading Biden on Afghanistan,” Dykstra said of Rep. Schlossberg.