Pennsylvania State Rep. Says “Miscarriage Is Just Some Mess on a Napkin”


“A Miscarriage is just a mess on a napkin”, Pennsylvania state legislator Democrat Rep. Wendy Ullman said Tuesday, showing her callousness toward women and babies.

In a blatantly cruel moment,  Ullman spoke at a debate over Bill 1890, which would require healthcare facilities to dispose of unborn children, humanely, who have died from an abortion or miscarriage.

This happens at a time when the Washington Times reports that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam received talking points in January, directly from planned parenthood, about his bombastic declaration of killing just born children, adding to the Democrat’s degradation of the sanctity of life.

Ullman coldly disregarded the complex feelings women have over their unborn children, to act as an advocate for Planned Parenthood policies, by saying that an unborn baby is not worthy of such regard or respect and is just a mess.

Planned Parenthood argued before the Supreme Court earlier in the year,  and said in a statement the fetal burial provision was an abortion restriction “intended to shame and stigmatize women”.

At the hearing in PA this week, Ullman said, “I think we all understand the concept of the loss of a fetus, but we’re also talking about a woman who comes into a facility and is having cramps, and not to be concrete, but an early miscarriage is just some mess on a napkin, and I’m not sure people would agree that this is something that we want to take to the point of ritual…uh…either cremation or internment.”

Ullman, defender of Planned Parenthood said, “I will fight to ensure women’s full reproductive rights in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Specifically, I will advocate that Planned Parenthood remains fully funded to ensure that the Affordable Care,” as a campaign promise.

Ullman was ultimately defeated by the rest of the PA House who chose to respect the humanity of the unborn child, the Bill was passed.