People Are Mad Online Because The ‘Racist’ Kansas City Chiefs Won A Super Bowl


There was nothing overtly political about Super Bowl LIV compared to previous Super Bowls, but that didn’t stop the contingent of People Who Are Professionally Mad Online, i.e, Twitter users, from crying about “racism.”

The Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves have long born the brunt of accusations of racism thrown faround by those who are mad online, but the reaction to the Kansas City Chiefs’ 31-20 Super Bowl win over the 49ers proves the new Super Bowl champions are also squarely in the crosshairs of woke Twitter.

The suggestion was made that the “Arrowhead Chop” would damage the self esteem of “native youth.”

The Chiefs’ front office came under attack.

Chad came under attack as well.

The Chiefs’ fandom is riddled with racism, apparently.

The outpouring of proverbial tears shed by leftist Twitter users over the Chiefs’ win may not be comparable to previous years where the New England Patriots took home the Lombardi trophy, but the resentment and hatred still burns long and hot.