PewDiePie Deletes Twitter Account, Calls it ‘Cesspool of Opinion’


Swedish YouTuber, PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, has seemingly deleted his Twitter account with around 19 million followers hours after tweeting about the media’s headlines on his planned break from vlogging.

The outlets he called out were suggesting a far longer absence from YouTube than he had said–with some even going as far as reporting on PewDiePie’s exit as ‘quitting.’

PewDiePie has spoken about his feelings towards the social media website, saying that he hated Twitter and thought about deleting his account a lot, according to Reclaim The Net.

He delved into criticizing what he saw as “constant posturing” on the social media platform where users “can’t seem to help themselves from pointing out what is good and what is bad.”

He hinted at a strong dislike for users seeking validation through likes and retweets.

One example brought up by PewDiePie–something which has now been thoroughly memed on the internet–was J.K. Rowling’s retroactive and hastily altered sexualities of her Harry Potter characters to pander to social justice advocates.

In another critique, PewDiePie went onto say: “We have for thousands of years rewarded the winners.

“We don’t reward the ones who say they run the fastest but thanks to social media this has somewhat become backwards. You get rewarded for saying things that make you seem virtuous rather than acting on it.”

Before deleting his account, PewDiePie tweeted a viral post containing screenshots of mainstream media publications misrepresenting his break next year as something more permanent, emphasizing a particular disdain for vlogging on his part.

The tweet, before the account was deleted, had already amassed hundreds of thousands of likes within a few hours.

Recently, PewDiePie caused some controversy when he said that he didn’t believe that cultural appropriation was a thing. He went onto say that he thought that atheists who make a big deal out of publicly calling out religious people were ‘cringe.’