PG&E’s, Newsome’s Handling of California Wildfires Creates Third-World Level Living Standard


PG&E and Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome, along with an ineffective Democrat government, have created a devastating situation for some residents of California, according to multiple sources.

National File spoke with multiple California residents about the reduced access to power.

“I live alone and I have missed work every time the power goes out. I am up at 4 AM and have breathing problems because of the power being out. It is horrible for me,” said Kim Oliver, of Nevada County.

“Newsome is trying to deflect blame.  He doesn’t want to address the faulty ideas of the left.  He is protecting the PG&E from the consequences of corrupt business and he is letting us suffer. Imagine that you do not know when your power in your home will be working.  Food spoils, and Newsome acts like that is no big deal.  To families on a fixed income, it is a big deal,” said John Peters, an executive in a small tech company.

“Even Democrats are upset at the naked capitalism on display, with Newsome protecting profits,” he said.

“What you have is a confluence of problems here.  Everyone in the California government is pointing the finger at someone else, and there is no leadership to solve the problems for the people,” a resident affected by the outages, Susan Walsh, told National File.

“The Complexity of problems begins with the forests in California being dominated by Democrat policies to protect the wildlife. We can not purge the forest floors of fuel loads or do a controlled burn, ” a concerned citizen told National File.

“These fires are on the Democrats and their environmental policies, and I used to be a Democrat,” Walsh said.

“The outage is affecting people’s lives. Elderly people are at risk, business are losing large amounts of money while their inventory is ruined, and there are no generators available for us.   Newsome is doing nothing. We are suffering,” she said.

“Newsome is protecting PG&E, who is in bankruptcy right now, so that they are safe from legal battles if that don’t operate during a fire,” said Walsh.

“So with every little wind, they shut our power off,” she said “I feel like this is Venezuela, we don’t have consistent power anymore.  This is our new normal”.

Rolling power outages are happening alongside the fires for some CA counties, and are causing millions of residents in California to feel like they live in a third world country without the consistency of power and electricity.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome is blaming global climate change for causing the wild fire crisis. Meanwhile people are missing work and having medical dilemmas. The consensus among Californians seems to indicate that the state government’s lack of concern is at least partially, if not primarily, to blame.