Philippines to Deport 500 Chinese Tourists From Wuhan to Prevent Coronavirus


The Philippine authorities are sending back around 500 Chinese tourists who came from Wuhan amid concerns of the deadly Coronavirus–which has seen confirmed cases in several countries–spreading.

The Chinese tourists had been heading to the holiday destination of Boracay where they were intercepted by local authorities.

Philippine authorities announced Thursday that travel restrictions from Wuhan were to be imposed.

According to a report from CNA, “Philippine authorities are sending back nearly 500 Chinese tourists who came from Wuhan.”

“The tourists had arrived in Kalibo; that’s a stepping stone to the holiday hot spot of Boracay, just before Manila announced it was halting flights from Wuhan on Thursday night.”

One anchor went onto say: “authorities have arranged four flights to take them back to Wuhan.”

“Aviation officials say none of them were quarantined or showed symptoms of the virus.”

The other anchor chimed in, saying: “separately, reported a suspected case of the virus–a five-year-old boy from Wuhan tested positive in preliminary tests.”

“Samples have been sent to Australia and a result is expected tomorrow.”

CNN Philippines reported that two patients were under Coronavirus watch at a Palawan hospital.

A Brazilian child whose family lives in Wuhan and a Taiwanese boy are both being held under supervision.

A hospital spokesperson noted that the Brazilian girl’s fever had gone done overnight.

The deadly virus has spread across Southeast and Far-east Asia, with confirmed cases being reported in several countries.

Chinese authorities are working tirelessly to prevent the spread of further infections by imposing severe travel restrictions affecting tens of millions.

Medical facilities are being hastily built in Wuhan to cater for the overwhelming demand for healthcare, given the rapid spread of the disease which is believed to have affected hundreds.