PHOTOS: Alleged Pro-McAuliffe Hoax Features Black ‘White Supremacist’ With Tiki Torch Standing By Youngkin Bus


A group of people holding tiki torches were photographed at a Glenn Youngkin campaign event in Virginia. The situation has been alleged to be a “pathetic” pro-Terry McAuliffe hoax, as one of the supposed “white supremacists” is in fact, black.

A strange occurrence made waves across the internet today, as photographs circulated on Twitter featuring a group of individuals wearing Glenn Youngkin merchandise, holding tiki torches, and all wearing a white button up shirt, standing in front of a Glenn Youngkin bus during a campaign event in Virginia.

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Leftists and media figures online were quick to draw the comparison to the attire brandished by the Unite The Right protesters in Charlottesville, who have been vilified by the left over the years due to their clash with leftist groups in 2017.

However upon further examination, many people noticed something strange about the group. While initial reports had claimed that the group of “men” seemed to look like “white supremacists,” the photographs actually depict a black man and a white woman, leading many to believe that it is a pro-McAuliffe hoax attempting to tie the Youngkin campaign to white supremacy.

Further criticism of the group’s sincerity included questions as to why they would bother bringing tiki torches to the event because it was actually raining heavily outside.

The black man featured in the photos has been comically referred to the character once portrayed by comedian Dave Chappelle known as “Clayton Bigsby,” a prominent white supremacist who doesn’t know that he’s actually black because he is blind.

This comes as Youngkin’s poll numbers continue to climb the race for Governor of Virginia. According to reports, the Republican is leading McAuliffe by as high as 8 points.