Photos of Woman Showing Off Aborted ‘Fetuses’ Goes Viral


A post about a social media user showing off a collection of “fetuses” goes viral, with many commenters expressing their horror at the image.

The post, concocted by a Twitter user by the name of “dev,” wrote: “the mom. the offspring (yes i kept all my abortions. I love my babies),” as what appears to be a sick joke.

At the time of writing the article, the post amassed over 40,000 likes and almost 20,000 comments.

The tweet did inspire anticipated responses from those likelier to espouse a pro-life position on the abortion debate–i.e., Trump supporters.

Of course, many comments were negative.

In spite of the reaction from the tweet, a similar post, using the exact same photo on the right-hand side of the tweet, was made a few years ago–also eliciting a massive backlash.

However, the fetuses in question weren’t human but rodent.

The original poster later admits that she’s joking in another tweet.

Other social media users cottoned on to the fetuses being rodent.

Some people expressed negativity at the distasteful joke.

One tweet said: “Jokes are meant to be funny. This is just awful.”

Another said: “This is not funny. You need psychiatric help.”

Sometimes fake posts are difficult to differentiate from real ones, given the nature of many strange occurrences in the past few years.

Nevertheless, the fact that such a post was made–more than once–and gained such popularity, with tweeters believing its veracity, shows a deep vitiation within contemporary culture.

Top celebrities have also loudly championed abortions.

Sarah Silverman, according to Breitbart, joked about how a Pro-Life law made her “want to eat an aborted fetus.”

Michelle Williams expressed how, without an abortion, she wouldn’t have been able to have furthered her career at her Golden Globe’s award acceptance speech.