PHOTOS: President Trump Crosses Out ‘Corona Virus,’ Writes ‘Chinese Virus’ In Press Notes


Photographs that have quickly gone viral on social media show that President Donald Trump has crossed out the word “coronavirus” in his personal notes during a press conference with the White House coronavirus task force on Thursday.

President Donald replaced the word “Corona” with “Chinese” after drawing a thick black line through the former with a black pen or magic marker, making the notes read “Chinese Virus.”

The media has repeatedly called president Trump a racist for his use of the term “Chinese virus,” and has demanded that he stop using the phrase immediately.

President Trump has shown zero interest in refraining from calling the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, the “Chinese virus.”

Rather than reporting on various federal initiatives to help small businesses and working families with emergency basic income, the media has repeatedly focused on the purported “racism” occurring against Chinese people as a result of the use of terms like “Chinese virus” or “foreign virus.”

The Chinese Communist Party has been circulating the idea that calling the COVID-19 virus “Chinese virus” is racist, as well as insinuating that the United States military is responsible for the outbreak.

Photos of President Trump’s notes can be seen below.

Several Twitter users posted screenshots showing that mainstream media outlets, including the BBC, Associated Press, and Washington Post, were referring to the Wuhan coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” as recently as a month ago before pivoting to call the President racist.

The images of the President’s notes have quickly gone viral since being shared on Twitter and Facebook.