Poland Takes On Soros: NGOs Must Declare Their Foreign Funding


Poland is set to consider new laws that require non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating there to declare foreign funding they receive.

Reuters has revealed the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is planning to follow in the footsteps of Russia and Hungary in standing up to Soros interference in Polish internal affairs.

“I set up such a team in the ministry, such a working group, to disclose the financing of NGOs, not just ecological ones,” said Polish Environment Minister Michal Wos. “Poles have a right to know whether they are indeed organisations that work in the interests of Poles.”

His remarks were later backed up by a PiS Member of the European Parliament.

“For the sake of the good image of NGOs it would be good to find out where their money comes from. Those that have nothing to hide have no reasons to be afraid,” Ryszard Czarnecki stated.

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Soros-backed NGOs have been agitating against the nationalist government of Poland for years, accusing it of homophobia and criticizing it for removing communist judges from office. These NGOs have little support from the strongly conservative Polish people, and draw most of their funding from the globalist Soros network in North America and Western Europe.

Ewa Kulik-Bielinska, the director of the Soros-founded Stefan Batory Foundation, condemned the decision as “an attack on social organisations that defend human rights and check on authorities.”

“This is the Hungarian model,” she said, referring to the action taken by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán against NGOs in his country.

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Russia and Hungary, which share Poland’s nationalist ideology, have implemented extensive measures to curtail the activities of these nefarious Soros NGOs.

Hungary is currently facing a challenge from the European Court of Justice and the European Parliament over its law that requires NGOs to disclose their foreign benefactors. Several liberal and leftist members of the European Parliament seek to strip Hungary of its voting rights in the European Union.

In Russia, new legislation has declared NGOs receiving foreign funding to be “foreign agents”, leading to more extensive government scrutiny of their activities.