POLICE: Activist Who Said ‘White Racists’ Are ‘The Enemy’ Molested, Murdered By Black Men


A Black Lives Matter activist who told black protesters to remember that “white racists” are their enemy and said that white people need to realize their “f**king privilege” was found dead in Tallahassee this week, and police have a black man in custody in possible connection to her murder.

Oluwatoyin Salau, 19, had previously reported on Twitter that she had been sexually assaulted by two different black men before going missing amidst ongoing Black Lives Matter protests in Florida.

Video footage from the protests of shows Salau giving a speech in which she says, “First of all I want White people to realize their f**king privilege… wherever the f**k I go, I am profiled. Look at my f**king hair, look at my skin bruh… so imma die about it, imma die by my f**king skin. You cannot take my f**king blackness away from me. My blackness is not for your f**king consumption, n*gga.”

An extended version of the clip shows Salau saying, “Y’all need to remember who the f**king enemy is… it’s racist [indistinguishable], white racist [indistinguishable].”

Salau revealed that she was “molested” by “a black man” on the morning of the day she went missing.

Earlier in June, Salau recounted another instance of sexual harassment at the hands of a Ghanaian man in March.

Police have arrested 49-year-old Aaron Glee Jr. in connection with the death of Salau and another woman, 75-year-old Vicki Sims.

Glee Jr, a career felon with a long history of violent crime, has been charged with felony kidnapping and murder according to Heavy.

Salau was as vocal about her opinions on on social media as she was in person, with her Twitter account containing sentiments such as “What do white people be tryna escape,” “white people so unfunny,” and “nobody wears wrangler except for inbred white people.”

In another tweet, Salau tweeted the statement “‘White people is hypocrites they’re barbaric. White lives do not matter’” in quotes, followed by “LMFAOOOOOO.”

Activists on Twitter have remained sharply divided on Salau’s murder, with some attributing her death to unspecified “racism” at the hands of police, while others accused black men of not valuing the lives of black women.