Police Claim Brutal Unprovoked Attacks in Minneapolis Were NOT Hate Crimes


A viral video made the rounds on social media where a gang of men attack an ostensibly intoxicated white man without provocation.

As National File reported on September 12, a gang of black males beat, kicked, jumped on, used a bicycle to run over, stripped, and robbed a man in a shocking video caught on CCTV,

Twenty were arrested and eighteen were charged in relation with the brutal assault–but it is not being treated as a hate crime as it doesn’t meet the criteria.

The original video garnered several thousands of retweets and over a million views on Twitter.

The general consensus among social media users appears to indicate that the attack was racially motivated.

Some have argued that if the races had been reversed, the mainstream media would’ve had a field day pushing their anti-white narrative.

A few mainstream media publications gingerly picked up on the story which contradicted a narrative they have constructed over several years.

The attacks took place in Ilhan Omar’s district.

Omar was been under fire recently for her controversial remarks on 9/11, among other familial scandals.

Similar incidents by so-called ‘Pack Hunters’ have risen considerably, with one prominent common denominator–which would be politically incorrect to name.

On ‘Pack Hunters,’ City Pages explains:

Police say it’s called “finessing.” Packs of teens begin their late-night hunts in downtown Minneapolis, looking for lone drunks, people distracted by cell phones, prey that won’t fight back.

One person will strike up a conversation with a target. A moment later, the victim will be jumped, punched, and kicked into the pavement by the others.

It is the ultimate moron crime. In exchange for the risk of felony assault and robbery charges, all they’re usually walking away with is a cellphone and a wallet already emptied at a bar. The phones are later sold at automated kiosks like ECO ATM, the cops believe. Once the money is divvied, a major score might come to $50 each.

According to CBS Local Minnesota:

“Many of these juveniles that are affected by this are part of just coming out of incarceration and they don’t have any hope at home, there’s nothing there, and so they come downtown where there’s a little bit of everything and they’re waiting on somebody to prey on,” said V.J. Smith, founder of MAD DADS Minneapolis.

The organization is an outreach group that fills downtown every weekend. They will do everything from break up fights to feed people, but most importantly be the adult figure at-risk youth might be missing in their lives. Many of those arrested for the robberies are juveniles who MAD DADS workers have interacted with.

“These people in the community that are doing this, we have to have some consequences for this, but we also have to get to the heart of it. What’s wrong? What’s your problem? Is it education? Is it mental health? What is it and let’s treat it and let’s fix it,” he said.

After the recent arrests, police said robberies dropped to just three in one week earlier this month. Regardless, Bhakta plans to keep his guard up.

“It’s still challenging to feel, like, safe, because I’m always kind of vigilant about my surroundings, and if something doesn’t happen to me, it might happen to someone else and just being aware of that,” Bhakta said.