POLL: 91.7% Of Texans Say Child Sex Changes Should Be Illegal, But Abbott, Phelan, And Burrows Are Stalling Bill To Ban Them


In a recent poll of Texans living in District 21, 91.7% of the respondents indicated they believe child transgender surgeries and drugs should be made illegal. This poll was released even as Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, and Texas Rep. Dustin Burrows – all Republicans – are stalling legislation to ban such surgeries and drugs for minors in the state.

According to the poll, 91.7% of parents believe that Texas politicians should pass legislation to ban children from becoming “transgendered with drugs or surgical procedures.” Similarly, 89.4% of parents believe that “parents, psychologists, and medical doctors” should not be allowed to “alter a child’s body with surgery or drugs for gender transitioning purposes.” Additionally, 92.1% of respondents believe that biological males should not be allowed to compete in girls’ sports. An overwhelming 91.6% of respondents said that it is not okay for “Texas to have a Speaker that supports chemical castration of children.”

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The overwhelming majority of respondents, 77.9%, believe that Phelan – who multiple sources tell National File is stalling the legislation to prevent Abbott from having to sign or veto it – should “demand that Governor Abbott sign Bills that would protect Texas children from gender transitioning procedures.” 84.6% also said it is important for Phelan to protect children from “being transgendered by parents.”

The poll of around 500 unique households living in Texas House of Representatives District 21 was conducted May 3 through May 6 by the Conservative Response Team. 64.9% of respondents identify as Republican, 13.1% identify as Democrats, 16.8% identify as independent, and 5.2% identify as Libertarian. 36.2% of respondents were male, and 63.8% were female. District 21 encompasses all of San Antonio, and a large portion of Austin. Over 800,000 Texans live in District 21, and the district has generally voted Republican since 1978.

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National File obtained the poll as Texas Republicans have only day remaining to add H.B. 1399 to the calendar, something controlled by Rep. Dustin Burrows. Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller recently appeared in an advertisement urging Burrows to place the item on the calendar, and on Friday appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to urge immediate action from Burrows, Abbott, and other Texas Republicans.

Yesterday, National File interviewed Jeff Younger, the father of James Younger, a 9-year-old boy who became the focus of national news after he was recorded by his father on video, at the age of two, explaining that his mother – Jeff Younger’s ex-wife – was forcing him to wear dresses and nail polish, and told the boy he was a girl. Younger told National File that the proposed legislation is “mild” but would protect children like his son, and urged the Texas legislature to act immediately, or face an end to their time in the legislature. Younger also warned that he and others will work against Abbott, regardless of his future political goals.