POLL: Hillary Clinton is Statistically Tied with Joe Biden Among Democrats


A recent Harvard poll shows failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton remains statistically tied with Democratic front runner, former vice president Joe Biden, in a hypothetical match up between the two establishment Democrats.

The Harvard-Harris poll, conducted at the end of last month, asked respondents how the hypothetical entry of former Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton would impact their vote, revealing that a plurality of voters would support Clinton in yet another presidential race.

In the poll, conducted November 27-29, self-identified Democrat respondents were asked, “Suppose Hillary Clinton and John Kerry decides to enter the race, who would you support as a candidate for President”

Surprisingly, Biden still managed to narrowly maintain the lead, but by only one percentage point.

In the hypothetical match up, Biden received 12 per cent of support; Clinton received 11 per cent of support; Sanders received 9 per cent of support, and Kerry received 6 per cent of support.

The addition of the two failed presidential candidates would amount to 17 per cent of support from the respondents, indicating that the Democrat Party may be willing to accept a late Clinton candidacy.

For her part, Clinton has refused to rule out running for president in 2020, repeatedly telling interviewers “never say never” and pledging to remain involved in the process.

Interestingly, Biden has also failed to secure an endorsement from President Barack Obama, possibly indicating the former president could be waiting for another candidate to come into the race.

This comes as Biden faces increasing scrutiny over his son’s business dealings in Ukraine, in which Hunter Biden received at least $50,000 per month for work at a Ukrainian energy company that Joe Biden seemingly made certain would not be investigated for corruption.

The difficult campaign may also explain Biden’s series of recent gaffes and bizarre non sequiturs, as when he recently rambled about spaghetti sauce and forklifts.