POLL: Only 7% of Democrats Identify as ‘Socialist’, 48% as ‘Obama Democrat’


A recent Harvard-Harris poll shows that despite the insurgent candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), only 7 per cent of Democrats polled identify as “socialist” and that the overwhelming plurality of Democrats identify with President Barack Obama.

The Harvard-Harris poll shows that a near majority of Democrats still identify with former President Obama, despite the fact that a number of Democrats running in the 2020 election are distancing themselves from the immigration policies of the Obama administration, and using it as a platform to run against former vice president Joe Biden.

In the poll, Democrat respondents were asked “Which of the following labels do you most identify with as a Democrat,” and asked to rank their top three labels.

The top label Democrats identify with is “Obama Democrat” with 48 per cent of respondents saying they identify with the term.

In second place is “Moderate Democrat” with only 38 per cent of respondents identifying with the term, followed by “Liberal Democrat” with 34 per cent of respondents.

Much further down the list, in 11th place, is “Socialist” with a mere 7 per cent of Democrats identifying with the term.

Additionally, in very last place, the 16th and least popular term is “Antifa” with only 2 per cent of Democrats identifying with the radically far left protest group.

Another interesting note is that a whopping 20 per cent of respondents identify with the term “Clinton Democrat,” despite President Bill Clinton being out of office for nearly 20 years, and despite failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the state department being marked by regime change and war in the middle east.

The same poll indicates that Democrats may welcome a late, insurgent Clinton candidacy in the 2020 election.

In the poll, Clinton is statistically tied in a hypothetical match up with Biden that also includes fellow failed presidential candidate John Kerry. The poll shows Biden with 12 per cent of the vote in such a scenario, and Clinton with 11 per cent.