Popeye’s Selling Duct-Taped Sandwich to Canvass for $120K


Following from the duct-taped banana piece that was sold for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami festival, Popeye’s has chimed in with their replacement artwork after the banana was unceremoniously eaten by an art fan.

Popeye’s chicken has somewhat lurked in the shadows of Chick-fil-A stellar success – and controversy – recently released a chicken that was to die for–literally.

According to Fox32:

The piece, officially named “The Sandwich,” is listed at $120,003.99 and is being described as “a mixed media work of art consisting of a toasted brioche bun, two pickles, fried chicken, mayo and duct tape over a canvas.”

Following the original artwork, featuring the banana, several social media users expressed their distrust in the capacity which the duct-taped banana was sold, suggesting that much overpriced modern art was merely a front for money laundering.

Despite the massive media coverage of the duct-taped banana, Popeye’s reports less demand for their piece–where only one fan has express a keen interest in the piece.

However, Popeye’s appears to presenting the artwork in good spirit, promising to divert any profits made from the piece to the Popeye’s Foundation–a “non-profit organization that helps communities with food and support in times of need.”

The sandwich originally debuted in August, but caused chaos shortly after its release.

A man at a Maryland Franchise was stabbed to death for cutting the queue last month.

A woman wrecked her Mercedes by trying to cut the line at a Los Angeles drive-thru.

The sandwich was temporarily available across the country after overwhelming demand depleted stocks.

The sandwich has already been dubbed the year’s “most popular chicken sandwich,” with customers in a frenzy to get their hands on the goods.