PORTLAND: Leading Antifa Member Mysteriously Murdered, Say Police


Saturday, a leading member of the group Antifa, Sean Kealiher, was killed after leaving a local drinking establishment called Cider Riot, near the Democrat Headquarters in Portland Oregon.

Andy Ngo, a journalist who has covered the rise of the group since 2016, posted on Twitter about the timeline of events surrounding Kealiher’s death, updating for local Antifa demonstrations Monday, and his observations that the local Democrat party and the violent group are growing closer together through these events.

On Oct, 13 Ngo wrote,”an Antifa militant died in mysterious circumstances involving gunfire & a car crash.”

“@tedwheeler, media & Antifa groups are honoring Sean Kealiher aka ‘Armeanio Lewis’ as some sort of social justice peacemaker. I knew him for threatening journalists.”

Ted Wheeler is considered by many to be a controversial Democrat Mayor of Portland who appears to support Antifa with his soft stance on policing them from numerous violent attacks. Wheeler is also an avid environmental community organizer.

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He is considered by many to be a high profile member of Michael Bloomberg’s C40 Cities, which met with other high profile democrat mayors in early October and leading members of the resistance against President Donald J. Trump.

Wheeler had posted a comment on Twitter, expressing regret over the death shocking Twitter posters, and has since removed the tweet.


“When I was on my 1st assignment for student paper at Portland State in spring 2016, I recorded Sean Kealiher (who was not a student) arrive w/a group of outsiders to shut down a pro-Trump student group meeting. Kealiher jumped on table to try & fight a student who was filming,” Ngo Posted.

Kealiher was 23 years old, and his death is being investigated as a Homicide.

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The Cider Riot establishment in Portland,  is a favorite hangout for left wing organizers. Perhaps taking it’s clues from the Green Dragon Tavern of the American Revolution, the Cidery movement has a hint of rebellion against the government, or at least of Trump supporters.

1763 is the year most known to the left for halting the “white settlements of lands” in America.

According to reports, the Cider Riot owners have legal trouble stemming from violent attacks on people who oppose the left-wing Antifa group.

“The owner of Cider Riot knowingly allowed his patrons to use ‘illegal weapons’ against right-wing agitators during a May Day brawl and refused to remove unruly customers from his property, an investigation by state regulators alleges.”

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“Abram Goldman-Armstrong and a licensed security guard who was working at his Northeast Portland cidery that day also are accused of providing misleading statements to state authorities during the investigation, documents claim,” reported Oregon Live, on September 20.

Interestingly, the Cider Riot drinking establishment is located near the Democrat National Committee office for local Portland.

Ngo, an expert on Antifa is beginning to see a pattern emerging from this week’s events where local DNC employees refuse to condemn the assault on their headquarters by the violent left group, Antifa.

According to spokespeople for Antifa, the Family has asked people to not co-operate with investigations.