Pregnant Mother Hacked to Death, Husband Maimed at South Africa Luxury Resort


South Africa has recently been subject of international controversy after a series of xenophobic attacks were launched against foreign business owners and workers.

Business owners saw their stores looted and burned, while some workers were mercilessly beaten and even killed in some instances.

The Nigerian government threatened to intervene with direct political action if the spate of attacks against foreign workers weren’t stopped.

Some even called upon Boko Haram to protect Nigerian workers in the Rainbow Nation.

Moreover, South Africa has gained negative press from alternative news sources drawing attention to the racially-driven attacks on white farmers.

The Mainstream press appears to be more preoccupied in quelling concerns about farm attacks by slandering the counternarrative as ‘white supremacist.’

Commentators have feared a ‘Zimbabwe 2.0’ situation in the future–suggesting famine, economic panic, bloodshed, and even genocide may ensue.

Tragically, a couple holidaying on the Eastern Cape were butchered at their resort lodge.

A pregnant mother was hacked to death as she slept in her bed in a cowardly unprovoked attack. Her husband was stabbed several times, but survived, as he tried to come to her assistance.

The Sun Reports:

Karen Turner, 31, who was three months pregnant, was sleeping with her husband Matthew, 33, and their toddler son Hayden when they were attacked at about 3am on Tuesday.

Matthew was stabbed repeatedly as he lay beside his wife at the Hluleka Nature Reserve in the Eastern Cape province of the country.

Two men armed with knives sneaked into their self-contained lodge overlooking the beach.

It is believed school teacher Karen, from Underberg, about three hours west of Durban, died almost instantly in a hail of knife blows while Matthew managed to fight back.

Karen’s unborn child was killed in the frenzied attack. Her 23-month-old son Hayden survived and was uninjured.

It is unclear what the motive was for the horrific murder.

South Africa has the misfortune of boasting one of the highest murder rates in the world, and being a white farmer in South Africa is rapidly becoming the deadliest profession on the planet.