President Trump Creates White House Human Trafficking Czar


President Donald Trump convened the White House Summit on Human Trafficking early Friday afternoon to stress his administration’s commitment to “eradicating human trafficking from the Earth.”

President Trump proposed not sending foreign aid to countries who — like “Washington politicians” — are all talk, no action on stopping child sex trafficking.

The president gave special credit to White House point person Ivanka Trump and to ambassadors in the audience including Calista Gingrich, Sam Brownback, the attorneys general of Florida and Georgia, and the lieutenant governors of Florida and North Carolina. Attorney General William Barr and Vice President Mike Pence were also in attendance at the Summit.

“In the modern age, the level of evil is unbelievable,” said President Trump, who has dramatically increased human trafficking arrests.

“Human trafficking is worse than ever before…An estimated 25 million people around the world today are being held captive, manipulated or abused by human traffickers,” Trump stated.

“When I took office, ISIS controlled over 20,000 square miles…We have totally defeated the ISIS caliphate in Syria and Iraq,” Trump said, highlighting one of the world’s worst recent offenders in the human trafficking business. ISIS also recently controlled Syrian oil wells, with the complicity of the previous Obama administration.

“I’ve signed 9 pieces of bipartisan legislation aimed specifically at combating human trafficking” domestically and internationally, President Trump said.

“And we’ll do what’s necessary. We will do exactly what’s necessary. There’s nothing more horrible than this,” Trump said.

Lots of countries, like Washington politics, who are all talk no action, and Trump said he will not send them money any more.

“We will not rest until we have stopped every last human trafficker and liberated every last survivor,” President Trump said before turning the microphone over to a female survivor of human trafficking who will now advise the Trump administration on its anti-trafficking efforts.