President Trump SMASHES Competition In 2024 Republican Presidential Primary Poll


A new Politico/Morning Consult 2024 Republican Presidential Primary Poll shows that President Donald Trump still has an overwhelming majority of support from GOP voters when compared to establishment candidates like Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and Mitt Romney.

Despite the recent futile establishment efforts to impeach him for a second time, President Trump dominated the poll with 53% of the vote, indicating that he maintains his title as the dominant leader of the Republican Party, as noted by Media Right News.

In second place came former Vice President Mike Pence with only 12% of the vote. Signalling the support for not just President Trump but the entire Trump family, the third highest ranked candidate is Donald Trump Jr. Combining their percentages, the Trump family would capture nearly 60% of the Republican electorate.

Here is a tweet showcasing the huge advantage that President Trump has over other potential Republican candidates.

It seems as if American attitudes towards the former President have not changed despite Senator Mitch McConnell’s failed efforts at a second impeachment trial. According to Politico, 81% of GOP voters gave President Trump positive marks. That would be a 4% increase among Republican voters since January 7, one day after the Capitol Hill takeover.

While globalist establishment mouthpieces in government and media have recently indicated their support for a Nikki Haley Presidential run in 2024, she only managed to secure 6% of the vote. Another notable mention would be that of failed Presidential candidate and RINO Mitt Romney, who only got 4%.

Politico said that President Trump “currently swamps any potential rival” in the GOP. As of right now, polls indicate that GOP voters are rejecting the notions of a return to the Lincoln Project-esque, George Bush-style Republican Party and still have a desire to continue with the true America First agenda.